Saturday, 10 March 2007

The "Jessica's Laws"

The "Jessica's Laws", as proposed by Texas and elsewhere will have
one result: it will encourage the predator to kill his wee victims.
The stranger predator will have nothing to lose if he kills his
little victim. These laws will be counterproductive, and the money
spent tilting at this wind-mlll would be better spent pursuing
improved post-trial investigation to determine if the defendant can
be redeemable. Not all predators will repeat and the object, I hope,
is prevention, not vengence after the fact. This proposed legislation
is not tough on crime, but makes tougher criminals. The child
molester who kills already faces the death penalty. These laws are
pure smoke, not effective, unconstitional and too costly, putting
more offenders on death row. I just pray that if these laws are
passed, they do not produce more child killings.

G M Larkin

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