Tuesday, 27 March 2007

SCOTUS capital score card

SCOTUS capital score card

The Supreme Court is expected to release several opinions in the next two days. Find below two “tools” to keep score on the capital docket.

The first is the AP’s web page for SCOTUS opinions as they break.

The other, via Medill, is a quick run down on what is pending at the SCOTUS & already decided this term in the capital arena:

Case Argued Decided
Ayers v. Fernando Belmontes
(9th Cir. — Cal. sentencing factor (k))
10/03/06 5/4 for Ayers (Kennedy)
Schriro v. Jeffrey Landrigan
(9th Cir. — AEDPA standards / ineffective assistance of counsel)
Jalil Abdul/Kabir v. Quarterman, / Brent Ray Brewerv. Quarterman
(5th Cir. — Penry & the Texas special question scheme)
Smith, LaRoyce v. Texas
Tex. Crim. App. — Penry & Texas special question scheme
Roper v. William Weaver
8th Cir. — inflammatory closings / AEDPA standards
Uttecht v. Cal Brown
9th Cir. — habeas AEDPA standards & life/death qualifying juries
Scott Panetti v. Quarterman
5th Cir. — competency to be executed
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