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Created by free josh on December 10th, 2005 at 1:09 pm AST

Joshua Earl Patrick Phillips was only 14 when he was responsible for the death of his 8 year old neighbour, Maddie Clifton, on November 3rd. 1998. Full details of the story can be found at his official website ( Josh was charged as an adult with first degree murder and convicted. He was sentenced to LIFE in prison with no possibility of parole.

Josh was a CHILD at the time of the felony. Unfortunately, at his trial he was badly represented and NO witnesses were called in the defense. Medical evidence of a mental disorder was never shared with the jury.

As supporters of Josh, we ask that you find compassion in your heart and sign this petition. What Josh did was heinous, yet even now, Josh hasn't a clue what happened that day. He deeply regrets these events and is so terribly remorseful. How would you feel if your child/grandchild/friend/niece/nephew/cousin etc of just 14 years of age was taken away from you to be given a life in prison sentence when he/she wasn't mature enough to vote, drink alcohol or buy cigarettes? The major question arises: 'If an 8 year old murdered another human being, would it be right to send him/her to prison for the rest of their lives?'. The fact that they were children at the time of these crimes, according to Florida Law, means nothing!

Josh deserved to be tried in Juvenile Court. He deserved to have a fair trial. He was never allowed these things. We want Josh to receive a retrial and obtain a sentence appropriate to his age and the medical evidence obtained, never before released in the public domain.

Please help Josh. He's a lovely young man that turned 21 on March 17th 2005. He deserves fair treatment.

For those that are aware, Josh's case is very similar to the LIONEL TATE case. The boy was RELEASED from prison in 2004 after 3 years in incarceration, following the brutal murder of a 6 year old girl. Lionel was 12 at the time of the killing. So where's the difference in these cases? Many people have suffered, and still do. Josh was a child, just like Lionel. Where's the justice?

For those that don't know, Josh's trial made international headlines. It was one of America's most high profile cases. When his retrial commences, so will the media circus. We want Josh to receive the best representation possible and also many active supporters for him.

Please sign our petition to FREE Joshua Earl Phillips. God Bless You and in anticipation, we thank you SO much for your kindness and compassion.



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