Thursday, 1 March 2007

Florida's LI Commission has final recommendations

Florida's LI Commission has final recommendations

As details in news reports here and here, "Florida Gov. Charlie Crist will get a slate of recommendations today on improving the state's lethal injection process, ranging from labeling lethal chemicals to making sure the inmate is unconscious during the procedure." This article notes that the report coming today from the Commission on Administration of Lethal Injection, which was created by out-going Governor Jeb Bush back in December after a botched execution, "has more than a dozen other recommendations."

It will be interesting to see not only how folks in Florida respond to this significant report, but also whether the dozen other states actively struggling with lethal injection issues will look to this report for additional guidance. My sense is that both death penalty abolitionists and proponents are not happy with some aspects of the Florida commission's work, which leads me to believe it is probably a pretty good piece of work.

UPDATE: How Appealing has more coverage here.

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