Sunday, 4 March 2007

Florida gov seeks national LI review

March 4, 2007

Florida gov seeks national LI review

As detailed in this AP report and this official statement, Florida Governor Charlie Crist on Friday responded to this week's report by the state's Commission on Administration of Lethal Injection by ordering "the head of the state prison system to conduct a study of how lethal injection is carried out by the federal prison system and in 37 other states." As the official statement indicates, Gov Crist believes this national review "will expand the perspective needed for future action on this issue."

I am pleased to see Gov Crist recognize the value of looking for nationwide guidance on the important issue of lethal injection protocols. As detailed in posts below and in a recent article of mine, I have long thought and hope that Congress might step up and show some national leadership on these issues, rather than require each state to struggle through these difficult issues on their own.

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