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Dr. Victor Selyutin - execution doctor during Amos King execution

yes, some russian medicine ...

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A gynecologist...just what these poor souls need.

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Subject: Dr. Victor Selyutin - execution doctor during Amos King execution

Amos King execution - info on the russian doctor

A minute later his chest stopped moving, several minutes passed and at 6:42
a man in a lab coat came out from behind the curtain at the rear of the chamber.
The man checked Amos' heart beat with a stethoscope, then he returned behind
the curtain.

Then Dr. Victor Selyutin the second man also dressed in a white medical lab coat
came out, checked Amos for a heart beat with a stethoscope
and then checked his eyes.

Dr. Selyutin then looked toward Assistant Warden Allen Clark and nodded.

Lethal Injection: The Florida execution doctor
The Florida execution doctor - NO MORE FLORIDA SECRECY.
Some seconds later he said some things that we could not hear.
I was stunned
and spontaneously said ...
florida-execution-doctor-no-more.html - 64k

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We again fell into a spontaneous zazen space

and sat for quite some time.

The traffic in the area increased

as men came in and out of the execution chamber.
The tension was palpable toward the last hour
we were to be together.

I had not been watching the time so much only focusing on Amos

when the Chaplain came over, leaned down
and quietly told me that we only had a half hour left together.

I felt anxious and I knew Amos was feeling the tension.
At one point a man in a white lab coat with
a stethoscope hanging out of his pocket passed by behind
us and went into the execution chamber.
He actually had a sneer on his face
when I caught him glancing at Amos.

Amos said, "That's the Russian Doctor."

I felt helpless...

The Doctor was Dr. Victor Selyutin,

a Russian-born gynecologist
who came to this country nine years ago.

Dr. Selyutin has taken part in a number
of executions

in the past including the murder of Allen Lee
"Tiny" Davis

the last execution by electric chair in Florida
on July 8, 1999.

I shuddered as he entered the execution

The minutes passed by,
at 6:10 PM there was a single telephone ring

that came from the execution chamber,
nothing happened.

Fifteen, twenty minutes passed..... I began to wonder
what was taking place.

I thought that there might have been
some kind of problem
in setting the IV s and that they had to do
a cut down procedure,
cutting into his groin to locate the femoral

I thought he was back there suffering as some
inept technician
or quack doctor cut into him.

The other people in the room were
feeling the tension as it dragged on

with no explanation forthcoming.

I did zazen with great intensity.

Shortly before 6:30 there was some movement
in the death chamber

and figures could be made out in motion through
the weave of the fabric behind the curtain.
I was able to determine that they had wheeled
the Stryker gurney into the chamber at that point.

At 6:32 with no warning the brown curtain
opened in front of us
revealing the bright fluorescent lighted
death chamber
in its entirety.

Amos King was strapped to the modified gurney;
the side rails
(usually present to prevent the patient
from falling off
and which swivel down for transfer)
had been removed
and two arm boards had been attached
to the gurney.

Amos was covered with a crisp white sheet
from his feet
to his mid chest.

The IV line feeding into his right arm
was clearly visible
on the diagonal board extending out
from the modern Stryker hospital gurney.
The pink locking hub of the peripheral
vascular catheter,
commonly called an angiocath,
was held in place with a single piece of
surgical tape.

The pink color indicated that it was either a
twenty gauge
or an eighteen gauge angiocath
(depending on the manufacturer).
A large digital LED clock with bright red numerals
hung high on the wall behind Amos' head.

His right arm was held down with two heavy
duty restraint straps

and his hand had been twisted around
and completely taped over with heavy surgical tape
to prevent him from rolling his arm to avoid
the placement of the catheter.

I could not see his left arm but I assume
it was prepared
and restrained in the same manner.

A clear tygon tube extended from the hub
in Amos' arm
and ran under the table to a small
rectangular opening
in the wall directly behind the gurney.

The opening was to the right of a large
one-way mirror
mounted at an angle protruding from
the back wall.

Behind this mirror, supposedly sat
an unidentified person
with eight syringes who was paid
one hundred and fifty dollars cash
by the Department for the task of sequentially
injecting eight syringes filled with lethal doses
of drugs and physiological saline line
clearing solution into Amos.

One of the nieces of Tillie Brady started to sob
at the sight.

I could not help but think how witnessing
the traumatic event of a highly premeditated
would offer anything other than more stress
to these women
and their family.

For over twenty five years they had
no sense of finality
in the sentencing of the person
they perceived
as the perpetrator in the ghastly
torture and murder
of their elderly aunt Tillie.

As soon as the curtain opened
Amos leaned up
and craned his head
to see into the witness room.

He looked around, saw me in the front seat
closest to his head.
He nodded to me which I took to be a bow
and I made a seated bow to him.

The week before I had asked if I would
be allowed
to stand up briefly and bow to him once,
but that was rejected.

I finally capitulated to being seated,
but I did manage to bow so far forward
as to touch my forehead
on the glass of the window.

He continued looking around the room
at the witnesses,
straining to lean his head and shoulder up
from the restraining straps on the gurney.

They had one large strap coming over
his left shoulder
and diagonally across his chest which
terminated to the gurney
frame just above his waist level.

Behind the gurney, dressed in formal
white shirt stood

Colonel Lamar Griffis;

directly to my left, standing behind
Amos' head

was another senior officer,

a large very dark complexioned Black man.

Directly in front of the gurney at my right

Assistant Warden Allen Clark,

an ivory colored telephone handset with
a long cord
attached to a wall phone in his hand,
the ear piece held to his ear.

Next to him was

Department of Corrections Secretary

James V. Crosby,

himself the former Warden of Florida State Prison
and an experienced professional executioner.

Next to him was a very tall man in a dark suit

followed by another man in a suit

and two officers in white shirts were to the rear
of the chamber

by the inside of the sliding steel door.

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