Sunday, 4 March 2007

Crist orders analysis of other states' lethal injection methods

Crist orders analysis of other states' lethal injection methods

The Associated Press

Gov. Charlie Crist on Friday ordered the head of the state prison system to conduct a study of how lethal injection is carried out by the federal prison system and in 37 other states.

Crist's order to Corrections Secretary Jim McDonough came a day after a commission recommended that Florida explore the use of newer chemicals for lethal injections and evaluate whether a paralytic drug should continue to be used in executions.

The Gov.'s Commission on Administration of Lethal Injection made those recommendations to find out what went wrong with the Dec. 13 execution of Angel Diaz, 55, who took 34 minutes to die - twice as long as usual - and recommend how to prevent that from happening again.

"The (Corrections) Department's findings will expand the perspective needed for future action on this issue," Crist said in ordering McDonough to study the way other states carry out injections. "Further, I am requesting Secretary McDonough to review the recommendations of the commission and identify concerns the department finds necessary to address prior to implementation."

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