Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Correction Dept. says ethics policy stymies executions

Correction Dept. says ethics policy stymies executions

(AP) - State prison officials want a court to strip the North Carolina Medical Board of its power to punish doctors who help put condemned inmates to death.

And while the legal issues are hashed out in court a Wake County Judge today canceled an execution scheduled for Friday. In that execution, inmate Allen holman had fired his lawyers and said he wanted to die.

Correction department officials say they cannot find a doctor willing to take part in an execution scheduled for this Friday. They blame the medical board's ethics policy, which threatens to discipline physicians who are involved in executions.

That policy, adopted in January, effectively shut down the death penalty in North Carolina.

The state's request filed today says that executions aren't medical procedures, and therefore don't fall under the board's jurisdiction.

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