Issues at a glance for the upcoming legislative session, which begins Tuesday:


Issue: Session convenes as John Couey goes on trial in Miami for the rape and slaying of a child in Citrus County. And memories of the Mark Foley scandal and a botched execution are fresh.

Proposals: Two dominate: The "anti-murder act" proposed by Gov. Charlie Crist and protection of children from Internet predators, proposed by Attorney General Bill McCollum.

Crist's bill would make it easier for police and courts to return probationers to custody if they violate conditions of their release. Online predator protection is addressed in a series proposals to increase criminal penalties for using the Internet to lure juveniles for sexual purposes and giving McCollum's office more investigators.

A special commission investigating lethal-injection methods will make recommendations that may be codified into law this year.

Outlook: The cost of jailing thousands of probation violators -- estimated at $270 million through 2012 for prison construction and staffing -- has stopped the anti-murder act before. But Crist will probably get it this year. He's already budgeted for the stepped-up attack on Internet predators.