Thursday, 1 January 2009

We ask for your help to save an innocent man's life. Larry Swearingen is scheduled to be executed on January 27, 2009 by the State of Texas

Dear Friends & fellow Abolitionists in the U.S.,

We'd like to ask for your help to save an innocent man's life. Larry
Swearingen is scheduled to be executed on January 27, 2009 by the State
of Texas despite the fact that he didn't kill anyone.

Larry is blessed by having very dear and loyal friends who helped and
supported him all through the years, unfortunately most of them are in
Overseas/Europe. We were able to support the attorneys and forensic
experts by doing research, working to help discovering new evidence. Now
at this stage Larry is in URGENT need for IMMEDIATE PUBLIC ATTENTION on
his case, and needs support from you, concerned US citizens.

You can help by spreading the Petition link on the internet. Please send
letters, e-mails, faxes or make phone calls to your local and national
media, TV and radio stations. Raise your voice and express your
displeasure and anger about the injustice taking place in this case. The
media has to point a finger at this outrageous crime that the State of
Texas plans to commit against a wrongly convicted man.

We oppose the death penalty unconditionally in all cases since it is an
affront to human dignity. However, the execution of an innocent man is
the ultimative catastrophe in a civilized country and society since it
can happen to any of us.

The cases of Troy Davis in Georgia and Jeff Wood in Texas shown so far
what is possible when people stand up, and we're watching the development
of these cases intently from Europe. Today we're turning to you with our
plea to please stand up and raise your voice for Larry Swearingen to stop
the insanity of state sanctioned murder.

In Solidarity and gratitude,
Wiebke Swearingen & Erwann Doulin
on behalf of the Larry Swearingen Support Group



Please read what Dr. Glenn Larkin M.D. (Forensic Pathologist) has to say:

As the original forensic pathologist who reviewed Larry's claim of
innocence, I concluded from the evidence4 presented to me that Ms Trotter
was not dead the about 25 days as concluded by Dr Carter. Now with three
other forensic pathologist confirming mu opinion that Ms Trotter was not
dead the "about 25 days" as Dr Carter originally testified to, and her
affidavit agreeing with the 4 of us, there is uncontroversial, unrefuted
absolute evidence of Larry's innocence.

Furthermore, the charge of sexual assault, one of the aggravators, had to
be dropped through a misdiagnosis by Dr Carter. She was honest enough to
revise her opin ions in a new affidavit.

It is not usual for a forensic pathologist to crusade for a felon on
appeal, but I would be shrinking from my responsibility as a human, a
physician and a Christian if I remained silent and allowed Larry to be
murdered by the state of Texas, and I will not be silent.

The execution of an innocent person is an obcene, immoral and illegal act
, and the CCA's refusal to consider Larry's strong appeal on the grounds
that it untimely has no legal, no moral and no other justification;
indeed case law (Herrera v Collins) orders plenary review --- bolstered
by several of US Supreme Court decisions.

The explanation that the state offers to account for the blood samples
under Ms Trotter's finger nails is pure fantasy, as any forensic
pathologist will conclude.

In order to expose this horrible nightmare, letters---letters in
droves--- have to be sent to Texas newspapers, TV stations and elsewhere.
A duplication of the execution of To dd Cameron Willingham cannot be
repeated. The honor of Texas is at stake.

G M Larkin MD
Charlotte NC

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