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Virginia Botches 100th Execution

Virginia Botches 100th Execution

Virginia Abolitionists Ring the Toll Bell 100 Times in Protest By Dee
Takeaways Virginia executes 100 th inmate
Virginia correctional officers botched the execution
It took 17 minuets to insert the IV

A Virginia inmate, Robert Stacy Yarbrough was executed by the state of Virginia last night bringing the number of executions to 100. Virginia is second to Texas in the number of executions that have taken place.

Yarbrough was convicted of murder in 1997 of a store owner.

A month after the Supreme Court ruled that lethal injection was not cruel and unusual, Virginia botched the execution because they had trouble locating a vein to insert the IV.

According to TheDailypress. com, "Corrections officials needed 17 minutes to insert the intravenous lines. It took approximately 10 minutes for him to die." The paper quoted his last words as "Tell my kids I love them, and let's get it over with. Make people happy. Help celebrate the murder,"

Protesters and abolitionist stood outside the execution unit, Greensville prison.

According to Annette Blankenship, prison rights reformist and death penalty opponent, Jack Payden-Travers came up because he is now with N.C.ACLU, Matt from (VADP) Virginians Against The Death Penalty and some other members from VADP, 3 members from People of Faith Against The Death Penalty were there, and the people from the pilgrimage walk were there, along with some others, including Capital-"X" who has been "Walking 4 Life" to bring awareness to the death penalty.

Blankenship stated "I say it was about 40 people in Jarratt at fill in the field. We got in a circle, I forgot who led, we had a moment of silence, read a prayer by Sister Helen Prejean, known for her role in "Dead man Walking" and death penalty opponent. Each one of us walked up and took the hammer to hit the toll bell twice and it got a total ring of 100 times with Abe leading. Abe is from the National Coalition to End the Death Penalty.

Nearing the time of the execution ending we lined up along roadside with candles and signs and we sang a song, "Peace is Flowing Like a River." At one point a train was blocking the field and protesters had to wait about 20 minuets to reach their destination.

Source: Annette Blankenship

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