Sunday, 20 January 2008

Romney, Clintons, and the Death Penalty

Romney, Clintons, and the Death Penalty

Romney and I were in the same section as 1Ls at Harvard Law School. Back
in those days
he went by Will. Back in those days he was a lot like his Father, which
was not that bad. With his JD/MBA he went to work for Boston Consulting
Group--where the Big Bucks are. The rest you are familiar with. Once he
became Mass governor he veered far to the right in order to get the
Republican Nomination for President :re-instate the death penalty in
Mass; anti-gay;anti-immigrant, etc.. His bogus attempt to reinstate the
Death Penalty in Mass was really a sick and demented thing to do. About
as bad as when in the 1992 New Hampshire Primary with the outbreak of
the Gennifer
Flowers scandal Bill Clinton flew down to Arkansas to personally execute
the African American Mr Rector, who was mentally disabled, in order to
distract public attention and show how tough he was on crime. As I told
my Jurisprudence students at the time, I did not really care who
Clinton slept with.But the fact that he would execute a mentally
disabled Black Man just to get elected president indicated a severe
defect in character.Ditto for Hillary, who was in on it. Ditto for
Romney. All playing politics with the machinery of death.


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