Saturday, 12 May 2007

Time line - Angel Diaz execution notes

Time line

Diaz's death

What happened in the execution chamber as Angel Diaz was put to death Wednesday night:

6:00 p.m.: The curtain opens. Angel Diaz gives a short last statement claiming he is innocent.

6:02: Diaz begins grimacing and seems to speak, though a microphone is off and none of the witnesses can hear him.

6:06: Diaz squints his eyes and juts his chin as if in pain. He continues this for several minutes.

6:12: Diaz's head slips to the right. He coughs several times and appears to shudder.

6:15: His mouth has appeared to widen and his breathing is deep.

6:18: A member of the execution team hands a phone to another member of the team. What they say on the phone is not revealed. Diaz's mouth and chin move as he breathes deeply.

6:24: Diaz's mouth and chin slowly stop moving. His eyes appear fixed.

6:26: His body suddenly jolts. His eyes appear to be opening more widely. Again, a member of the execution team gets on the phone.

6:34: A doctor wearing a blue hood that covers his face enters the execution chamber and checks Diaz's vital signs. The doctor returns a minute later, checks the vital signs again and nods to a member of the execution team.

6:36: A member of the execution team announces that the sentence of Angel Diaz has been carried out. The curtain closes.

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