Monday, 26 February 2007

William Mathews active role is evident in this execution and the ongoing botched executions

There was the hum again, and the body

reeled again. Five-inch flames quickly

burned from the left side of the shroud, and

smaller ones burned to the right. It was

7:lO a.m.

The hum was gone again, perhaps in 30



now part of the fist.

heartbeat. After a pause, one prison doctor,

then another, checked for the inmate's pulse

and heartbeat.

But the body did not relax this

The little finger on the left hand was

There was no breathing or visible

At 7:13 a.m., Frank Kilgo, the prison's

chief health officer, spoke in Barton's


Then Davis walked ..

and so :


entering the Witness Room, I took a seat in

the center of the second row, immediately

behind Mr. Rankin Brown. The inmate (Jessie

Tafero) was escorted into the Death Chamber

and was secured into the chair. He gave a

brief statement and the final restraints were

applied. The order was given to carry out

the final sentence.

As the electric current was flowing, a

It extended approximately twelve

blue-orange flame appeared from both sides of

the mask.

inches on both sides. When the power

stopped, the flames disappeared. I observed

what appeared to be deep breaths taken by

Tafero and, after a few seconds, another

charge was given.

When the power was started again, the

flames reappeared. I observed movement by

the right index finger of Tafero and, after

the power stopped, the flames disappeared.

Once again, I observed what appeared to be a

couple of deep breaths from Tafero.

power was administered the third time and,

once again, the appearance of the flames.

When the power ended, so did the flames. A

cloud of smoke filled the upper space of the

Chamber after each power surge. The head

attachment appeared to be leaning slightly to

the inmate's left. The two Medical staff

checked for pulse and at 7:13 a.m., Tafero

was pronounced dead.

Witness Room.


We were ordered to depart the Execution

(Affidavit of Gary L. McLain, Deputy Inspector General)

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