Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Whose fault was it?

Let's see... TRANSLATION:

"Whose fault was it? How funny you should ask: Well, you see, it was
entirely the fault of the funeral home employees who picked up the
deceased - they must have caused our perfectly inserted IVs to become
dislocated in such a manner that the syringes punctured the veins in
both arms, and wouldn't-you-know-it, the chemicals just pushed
themselves -- by magic, or even a delayed reaction in violation of
the laws of physics, because goodness knows we circumvented protocol
*cough* went out of our way to push those chemicals, and they
wouldn't budge while Mr. Diaz was still showing signs of life. Then,
once the chemicals were flowing as they should, they caused those
foot-long chemical burns as they spread inside the soft tissue easily
because... uhm... Mr. Diaz was dead and... errr... had.. no...
circulation.....*gulp* Yeah, that's how it happened! Actually, come
to think about it, Mr. Diaz probably expired from his non-existent
liver disease while waiting for us to execute him."


I mean, Is there ANY other way to interpret this? They lie worse than
my then 7-year old son did when I caught him trying to talk the dog
into eating his homework. Sweet Jesus, I HATE these people!

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