Tuesday, 6 February 2007

To Florida State Prison to interview members of the execution team


Early in the afternoon of December 14, 2006, Members Changus, Bustle, and Sorensen went to Florida State Prison to interview members of the execution team.

Ms. Bustle and Dr. Sorensen were provided copies of the controlling document, “Execution by Lethal Injection Procedures, Effective for Executions after August 16, 2006” (hereinafter referred to as the Lethal Injection Procedure and attached to this report as Exhibit “A.”)

Upon the Task Force members’ arrival at Florida State Prison, Warden Randall Bryant assembled his execution team staff.

A tour of the execution chamber and surrounding areas was provided in order to allow Members Bustle end Sorensen to observe the setting for the execution process.

Within the prison, Task Force members asked some initial questions; then all personnel returned to the administrative building to conduct interviews of the Departmental staff involved with the execution process.

All three members present participated in the interview.

All questioning was completed with staff individually, except the correctional officer staff on the preparation team. Interviews continued until all Department personnel involved had been interviewed, with over five hours of questioning.

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