Sunday, 25 February 2007

Lots of lethal injection inspection news

Lots of lethal injection inspection news

Lots of news nationwide about on-going reviews of lethal injection protocols:

  • In Florida, as detailed in articles here and here and here, the commission reviewing the state's execution procedures has settled on the recommendations it will be making to the Governor.
  • In California, as detailed in articles assembled here, a "federal judge Friday refused to guarantee state officials privacy in their discussions over revising the state's method of executing prisoners by lethal injection."
  • In North Carolina, as detailed here, state officials "are now trying to work out a compromise with the [state] medical board [to permit a revised execution protocol] that satisfies a federal judge's ruling requiring a doctor to attend executions."
  • In Delaware, as detailed here, "a federal judge granted class action status to a lawsuit charging the state's method of lethal injection amounts to unconstitutionally cruel and unusual punishment."

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