Tuesday, 20 February 2007

The Florida doctor is embarrassing himself.

Is this doctor lying due to ignorance, or is he deliberately lying to cover the state's ass?

The absolute answer may still be available: histo chemistry may offer a clue: I believe histamine is leaked into the burn at about 30 minutes (Rakillio) and its presence on a microscopic stain for it would help resolve the issue. Lymphocyte infiltration would not be expected to occur yet. Edema is also a quick reaction to a burn. Neither occurs in a dead body.

Absent a definitive response, this doctor has absolutely no evidence on which to make his opinion, and is embarrassing himself. Even the findings are negative, it means nothing, and Dr X could not explain the 34 minutes it took to murder Mr Diaz. He just does not make sense!

The state is in pitiable shape if that is their defense. Better for them to admit that they screwed up, and make appropriate changes; Florida does not have the guts or zivilcourage to do what has to be done-- abolish the death penalty,

G M Larkin MD
Charlotte NC-USA

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