Saturday, 13 January 2007

Onesided commission established in Florida to investigate Angel Diaz death

Finally we can see the names of the persons Florida has appointed to investigate what went wrong during Angel Diaz execution

Not one of them has anytime taken the perspective that lethal injection in the way administered in Florida can lead to torture. Not one of them ever listened to the warnings from litigation and medical experts all over the world to stop the Florida executions before it was too late. They are all responsible for this tragedy.

Now they are going to investigate themselves or their buddies of what they did wrong in Florida.

And they think we can be fooled so easily?

As alibi has been appointed Bill Jennings, who was appointed by Jeb Bush to lead CCRC Middle, appointed against all warnings from other professionals in the field and highly opposed by the death row inmates themselves. Now he is going to " defend" them against coming lethal injection torture. BIG SMILE

2 alibi doctors of the execution types, positive to using their medical "ethics" in the spirit of executions, are going to be the alibi for the american medical perspective, as if they now are experts on lethal injection torture and will evaluate objectively what Angel Diaz had to go through.

Then we have Snurkowski, who is the prosecutor who most dearely has argued for lethal injection use in Florida and who aggressively pushed through the latest lethal injection tortures in the Florida courts against all litigation and medical warnings from the broad american and international community.

The rest of the commission are correctional individuals and republican politicans, who all have a history of defending executions and aggressively pushing for lethal injection deaths in Florida and US.

It is time for media to ask what this kind of theater is all about.

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