Tuesday, 16 January 2007

The Florida execution doctor - a hooded physician

Dr. Elio Madan, Florida State Prison

The Florida secrecy of hiding execution doctors and physicians is past

Now we want to know who is hiding behind a professional carpet and under masks and clothes to assist in killing the Florida death row prisoners

We also want to know their knowledge/qualifications for doing this dirty work.
What is their education?

Are the individuals of the Florida execution team misplaced doctors and physicians with prior misconduct from other states? Where do they come from?

Why are they not members of AMA?
Why are some listed in the international doctor register with nearly no qualifications?

And how do we look at the assisting nurses, hired and lisenced by the Florida Health Department to help patients survive?

And why has Jeb Bush protected them from the public`s insight for years?

Why did Florida let these persons continue their work in secrecy, when they have committed
botched execution after botched execution in Florida?

How can Florida politicians and officals escape their responsibility for letting the botched execution of Angel Diaz continue, when they knew all of this.
And why did they strongly cover up this, inspite of all they knew and were warned about?

Victor Selyutin - the russian doctor who assisted in the Amos King killing.
He is 67 years of age and still registered in Raiford in public registers
How is his immigration status? And how did US use him?

Elio Madan - the doctor who assisted in the lethal injection killing of Clarence Hill - in which public register is Elio Madan listed, under which other name is he listed or what do you find?
What is his real name in the official registers and why is he hiding in Starke?
And what is his professional background and his prior experience?
And why has Jeb Bush helped him to hide?

Did he assist in the execution of Angel Diaz too?
We want to know.

William Mathews - 59 years of age - the physician`s assistent, whose name pops up during all the botched Florida executions - what is his role in botched executions? Is this a pattern?
We want to know.

Why is he called physicians assistent? Are any of these persons who work without a lisence or who is lisencing them?

William Mathews is central in several botched executions in Florida and handles the lethal injection murder situation.
He is a person who is observed on the wing heading for the execution chamber shortly before nearly all Florida executions. He has been hiding in Florida DOC since 1981.

Now it is time for media to look into the Florida history and presence

The onesided Florida commission, appointed by those who share responsibility for the Florida execution handling and buddies of all of them, will welcome your questions.

Or do we want to continue torture and botched executions in Florida?

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Anonymous said...

Prior to moving the curtain I heard one of the persons, one the executioners, the persons handling the chemicals just say it seemed a little stiff or it was a little hard to push. There was a response from behind that person, which is where the medical team usually stands to support the executioners, just made the statement that it's just make a nice, slow, easy push which is a normal comment that I've heard them make before.

I can tell you that facing the window there are the executioners per se and right behind them are medical personnel. I cannot identify them. They're still dressed in the full covering as are the executioners.