Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Wanda Valdes thoughts

It totally amazes me how people wish to ignore the torture involved in the death penality.

Tell me if 8 guards went into my husbands cell and beat him to death,then why would they not torture a death row inmate.

If I recall we had a inmate brought into the death chamber saying how they tortured him just putting the needles in his arm.

No real doctor wants to murder people. So they use these people with no experence .

These guards, that I have seen take great pleasure in killing a inmate.

Sometimes they even put in requests to murder a inmate.

I was once visiting Frankie and they asked me to leave. They said they had to shoot a inmate running for the fence. Then on my way leaving the guards were talking abou the inmate who was shot. They were laughing at how he had a big hole in his chest and how he kept grabbing the guards leg and the guard just shook him off and laughed.

Angel Diaz without a doubt was tortured and it will go on.

These politians do what they think people want.

I believe that people who do crimes should pay for them. But I do not believe in murder.. tortures and beatings.

After they murder a inmate then they pass out icecream. this is suppose to calm the other inmates.

My husband died trying to tell about what was going on in prison, and how Willie Matthews a young inmate was being beaten everyday by guards and how he had a broken jaw for 2 weeks. The guards said he had a tooth ache.

Yes Angel Diaz was tortured and murdered.

And his family who had nothing to do with his crime are forced to live with this for the rest of their lives.

The death penality just keeps on creating more victims.

Wanda Valdes wife of Frank Valdes murdered 1999 at Florida State Prison


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Lynne said...

A great deal of the truth is here in the words of Wanda Valdes. I tried my best to prevent Frank Valdes' death but a crooked DC politically connect employee allowed the murder of Frank to happen. If you don't believe this, challenge me via www.RonMcAndrew.com

Prisoner abuse in America's prisons is rampant, out of control and the Governors in our states could care less. Those who direct many of our departments of corrections in the US are cut from a cloth of KKK, outright bigotry, self taught torture, see no evil-hear no evil-tell no evil administrators who feel they are far above the laws of our country. Those who thought this would get corrected under President Obama are in for a grand awakening.